BEM. Block, Element, ModifierLibraries

Libs overview

Libs overview


bem-core is a core library required for starting your own BEM-powered project. It provides sufficient number of blocks necessary for client-side JavaScript coding and templating.

Github repo of bem-core.


bem-bl is an extended library that consists not only of basic blocks but also of a number of generic solutions for displaying a menu, text, logo, search tab, table and so on.

On a current state of development, bem-bl is suspended and will not be replenished with new blocks, however we provide a user support and bug fixing. We recommend you to start new projects using bem-core instead. Differences between bem-core and bem-bl are described in a migration guide.

Github repo of bem-bl.


bem-components is a library of web-forms management blocks. It contains basic implementation techniques independent from design and allows to apply optional themes such as new Yandex.Islands design.

Github repo of bem-components.

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