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We start with “thank you” note: we would like to thank you so much for using our BEM technology, support us, ask questions on social media and our forum, help us not only develop and improve our technologies, but build your own projects and products using BEM and contribute to the community development.

Today we would like to ask you, BEM developers, for a very important favour — to find some time and fill in the questionnaire with the experience you have got.

We ask there very important and useful for the technology development questions, answers to those will help us know you and your projects better, find out problems you face using it and understand what you need in the first place.

We analyse all the answers and dedicate our efforts to technology and infrastructure improvements to ease your interactions with it.

All the results we have got will be published in our blog.

Feedback is available in both English and Russian languages, however, you need to choose only one because there is a common storage for the answers.

We will be very much thankful as well if you could possibly forward a link to the questionnaire to your colleagues and friends who use BEM in their work. This allows us to gather as much useful and important feedback as possible.

Thank you very much in advance, and Stay BEMed!


Finally, we have launched a subscription to news mailing list. So, it is even easier now to stay in the know of product news, important releases, documentation updates, events and conferences about BEM as well as other topics!