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CampJS III conference was held in May 23 — 26, 2014, in Lord Somers Camp, Australia. It is a weekend-long hack-retreat for JavaScript developers, that takes place in Australia. There is quite a bunch of brilliant speakers and mentors as well as interesting talks, practical workshops and sessions together with panel discussions and team work.

Watch the video what it is all about:

BEM Team was also invited to talk at Camp JS.

Vladimir Grinenko talked about what we have in BEM for JavaScript developers and introduced blocks libraries.


Introducing BEM Block Libraries — a set of blocks build on top of same ideas that inspired Web Components creators but long long time ago. Being developed in 2008 by Yandex, Russian Search Engine, they are very helpful in building websites fast and flexible. Why so? Because of the years of experience put in them while working in large rapidly changing services.

Unfortunately it is very well known only here in Russia and ex-Soviet countries, where, thanks to Harry Roberts and Nicolas Gallagher, so-called BEM CSS is spread far ahead in the rest of the world. With this talk we aim to share what we have in BEM Methodology to cover JS coding with and introduce Australian developers to a new chapter in BEM, partly not always easy to understand, open-sourced and handy for maintaining complexity of web development you could grow in.

Speaker's biography

Vladimir Grinenko photo for CampJS III

Vladimir Grinenko is a web developer with more than 10 years of fronted experience and a deep expertise in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. He works for Yandex, Russian Search engine, and leads a team that develops BEM technologies. He also evangelizes a lot both in Russian and English and gives live coding sessions as well as maintains and contributs to few opensource projects. His area of speaking experience includes such topics as BEM technologies, large scale web sites architecture, modular frontend applications development, etc.

Have a pleasant time watching and Stay BEMed!