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Here are some latest links that we have found on the topic:

  • React BEM helper by Marco Hamersma (@marcohamersma) from Berlin.
  • BEM classnames by Hayato Mizuno (@pocotan001) from Tokyo.
  • React BEM by Cuzzo Yahn (@cuzzo) from LA.
  • bem-cn from Alexander Burtsev (@albburtsev) from Moscow.
  • b_ by Mikhail Davydov (@azproduction) from Berlin.
  • Flexible Grid System BEM CSS by Doğukan Güven (@dnomak) from Turkey.
  • A PostCSS plugin to lint BEM-style CSS by Nicolas Gallagher (@necolas) from San Francisco (Twitter) and David Clark from Turkey.
  • BEM Constructor by Daniel Guillan (danielguillan) from Barcelona. It's a Sass-library that gives you syntax sugar to describe independent objects in BEM style.
  • _bemify — Sass mixens that help you to write .scss in BEM style, by Franz Heidl (@franzheidl) from Berlin.
  • Front-end Elements Dictionary or a set of popular naming for classes in BEM style by Vladimir Rodkin from Saint Petersburg.
  • GETFLAT — demo project build on Angular-BEM + LESS and Gulp by Vladimir Titsky (@catindev) from Karaganda.
  • bnsf framework by Alexander Savin (@apsavin) migrated to ENB build.

Add yours in comments!