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Can I mix Polymer and BEM (techs, tools, everything behind the methodology)? Does it worth it?

Ok, I've made a feature comparison table.
I need it to figure out if one technology can supplement another, not to downplay one of them.

Feature BEM Polymer
Syntax conventions (for B, E, M) yes no, use BEM
Decomposition into components ENB assembler (*) HTML Imports / webcomponents.js
# of requests reduction ENB assembler (*) vulcanize
CSS encapsulation upper boundary (*) upper boundary, lower for Native Shadow DOM (unstable)
Component redefinition yes, orginized in levels, ENB? (*) limited: extend native tags, inherit javascript definitions (behaviors), more is planned
File structure organization yes, B,E,M, techs no, use BEM
Techs support (templates, transpilers) yes server-side preprocessing (e.g. w/ gulp), client-side may be hindered

(*) = I guess so