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Brief news about the BEM world since the beginning of this year:

Documentation news

Site news

Rolled out the BEM libraries section in a new design on bem.info:

Libraries news


  • Released bem-core 4.1.0 and 4.1.1. All changes of the both releases are described in a CHANGELOG.


  • Released bem-components v4.0.0 with update of controls design and with the transition from the Stylus to postCSS.
  • Released bem-components 5.0.0 that used bem-core 4.1.1. There are two style sets in v5.0.0: source files with postCSS and compiled CSS in case you prefer to use some preprocessor.


  • Not yet released but is already used in a separate branch v4. This version is compatible with bem-core v4. Feel free to try, revise and send us a feedback before we release a new version. The major change is rename of uri block to uri__querystring element, which extends the basic implementation of the same name module in bem-core with Uri class. Class methods remained unchanged.


Technologies news


Released the following major updates:

  • Updated bem-core to 4.1.1 and bem-components to 5.0.0.
  • Began to use PostCSS instead of Stylus. We provide the same set of plugins that bem-components has.
  • Implemented an optional livereload. For details read the documentation and README of the project.
  • Achieved the speed acceleration of the build procedure by updating npm-modules required for assembly.
  • Abandoned bower to supply libraries. Now all dependencies are set through npm in node_modules directory.


  • v8.3.1 (v7.4.1)

    • extend() mode fixed. Now it works as expected.
    • Documentation updated: this.extend(o1, o2) description added.
  • v8.4.0 (v7.6.0)

    • New unquotedAttrs option allows us to ommit unnececary quotes of HTML attributes in some cases.
  • v8.4.1 (v7.6.1)

    • extend(function(ctx, json) { … }) mode callback now have two arguments, the same as have the callbacks of other modes. The first argument is a link to context of (this) template execution. The second — link to a BEMJSON node.
  • v8.4.2

    • Escaping functions fixed: now argumengs undefined or null and NaN will give you empty string as a result. In previous versions you get stringified results ('undefined', 'null', 'NaN').
  • v8.5.0

    • BEMTREE: added modes related to data: js(), addJs(), mix(), addMix(), mods(), addElemMods(), elemMods(). The rest of the modes that are relevant only to-HTML are available in BEMHTML.
  • v8.5.1

    • Fixed bug: calculate position if block/elem was replaced via replace().
  • v8.5.2 (v7.6.4)

    • Fixed bug in BEMTREE related to the rendering of special value field content { html: '<unescaped value>' }.
    • bem-xjst onlinе demo updated:
      • Added a switch of BEMHTML/BEMTREE engines.
      • Added a plug for BEM.I18N (), which returns its second argument. This is useful to copy the code from production to a sandbox.
    • README updated.
    • A sandbox updated. You could help our projest to fix issues with help wanted lable.


  • Released a new version of enb-bemxjst v8.5.2 with "dependencies": { "bem-xjst": "8.5.2" }. However, we continue to actively support the both branches: 7.x and 8.x.

All changes are described in releas notes v8.5.2 and v7.6.4 and in a CHANGELOG.

BEM toolbox news


Released bem-tools 2.0.0 with updated bem-tools-create. Detailed description is in README.


Wrote a full and clear README.