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In the simplest form a block is represented by a single DOM node but generally blocks and DOM nodes are not the same thing.

Mixes are just the way to use several blocks and/or elements on the same DOM node.

That makes possible

  • combining behaviour and/or styling of different BEM entities without copy/paste
  • building new semantic components based on existed blocks.

For instance, we have a universal block logo (a block with a logotype) that could be used anywhere on a page: in header, inside copy, in the footer, etc. We can specify its width, height and a background image but what we do with its margins that differ from case to case?

Of course, we could use modifiers like logo_type_header or logo_type_content to do so. However it is wrong semantically, because such things should lay down within a scope of parent block’s responsibility. And giving the right to define such things to an inner block contradicts the whole idea of blocks independency.

That's where mixes shine:

<div class="header">
    <div class="header__logo logo"></div>
    width: 120px;
    height: 60px;
    background-image: url(logo.svg);

    margin: 12px 26px;

As you know there's no global modifiers in BEM methodology but again — mixes gives us possibility to achieve the same result with several different blocks on same DOM node.

Also you may want to use mixes to provide some arbitrary block with JS logic.

A single DOM node can represent:

  • several blocks <div class="menu head-menu"></div>
  • a block and an element of the same block <div class="menu menu__layout"></div>
  • a block and an element of another block <div class="link menu__link"></div>
  • elements of different blocks <div class="menu__item head-menu__item"></div>
  • a block with a modifier and another block <div class="menu menu_layout_horiz head-menu">
  • several different blocks with modifiers <div class="menu menu_layout_horiz head-toolbar head-toolbar_theme_black"><div>

So try to develop your blocks as small and reusable as possible and then combine them in any way you want to build huge applications!