Breaking changes

Notable changes

Bug fixes

  • An issue in BEMHTML tempalte of menu which prevented to use bem-xjst was fixed.

  • An issue in checkbox-group with absence of buttons separator was fixed (#1896).

Other changes

  • Extra files were excluded from npm and bower packages.

  • Documentation updated.


Bug fixes

  • An issue in modal_autoclosable which led to immediate closing was fixed (1963).


Bug fixes

  • *.styl files are compiled to *.css in release package.


Notable changes

Bug fixes

  • button: emit click on pointerclick instead of pointerup. This change fixes a bug in popup__autocloseable (#1958).


Other changes

  • button: Don't render element for text if passed null or undefined (#1951).

  • BEMHTML template of menu block was changed to support bem-xjst 7.x in bem-components library.

  • Minor docs update.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in button with disabled modifier in Firefox which led to situation when document.activeElement was still pointing to a block if it was focused before disabled was set (#1913).

Other changes

  • cursor: pointer rule was added to attach (#1860).

  • Documentation updated.


Breaking changes

  • bem-core library was updated to 3.0.1. With this update FastClick was removed and new implementation for pointer events was introduced for iOS devices. Also touch-action: manipulation property was added to controls (#1787).

  • Dropped support for old bem-xjst & bh versions (#1803). bem-xjst 6.3.0+ should be used. Since now there's no need to add dependencies on i-bem block for base templates.

  • File extentions of BEMHTML templates were renamed from .bemhtml to .bemhtml.js (#1464. Please check that new extention is supported in you build config.

  • onSwitcherClick method of dropdown block was moved to prototype (#1502).

  • bem-tools configs were removed (#1816).

Bug fixes

  • Wrong styling for dropdown in control-group was fixed (#1741).


Notable changes

  • bem-core library was updated to 2.9.1 (#1789). With this update an issue in page was fixed. <meta name=viewport> had wrong user-scalable value on the touch level.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in menu which led to absence of tabindex after disabled state (#1791).

  • Fixed a bug in control-group which led to extra border on two or more button_checked.


Notable changes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in select which led to caching of hidden input on page refresh (#1752).

  • Fixed a bug in button which led to click event generation after pointercancel #1764.

  • Fixed a bug in checkbox and radio which led to wrong form serialization with the help of jQuery #1768.

  • Fixed a bug in button styling with focused-hard modifier (#1721).

  • Fixed right border of button inside control-group (#1723).

  • Fixed borders for autofilled inputs in Blink-based browsers (#1710).

  • Fixed a11y markup in select (#1734).

  • Added insufficient dependencies in select (#1667)&

Other changes

  • Dist: added client JS bundles without autoinit #1781.

  • BEMHTML: implemented support for new versions of bem-xjst (#1745).

  • Documentation updated.


Notable changes

  • bem-core dependency was updated to 2.8.0.

  • Accessibility (a11y) was improved in all blocks (#1206).

  • dist build is now uses bem-xjst@next, which gives possibility to add templates in runtime.

Other changes

  • dropdown does not generate extra wrapper around switcher and popup any more (#1392).

  • Misused <i> element replaced with neutral <span> in all blocks (#1668).

  • Multiline comments in stylus files, which break source maps, replaced with singleline (#1702).


Notable changes

  • bem-core dependency was updated to 2.7.0.

  • BH 4.x support added (#1587).

  • BEM-XJST 2.x support added (#1495).

  • Theme-specific styles of the _width_available modifier of input, textarea and select blocks were moved back from common level to design (#1548).

Bug fixes

  • An issue in checkbox was fixed. The block didn't work in MSIE 11/Edge (#1590).

  • An issue in attach was fixed. The block didn't work in MSIE 11/Edge (#1596).

  • An ability to use HTML tags other than button was added (#1566).

  • An issue in textarea was fixed. The block didn't resolve it's own dependencies properly (#1565).

Other changes

  • The English version of library description was updated (#1552).

  • New “Understanding of the library principles” section was added to the russian documentation (#1613).

  • The information about dist was added to the russian documentation (#1584).

  • Images in CSS files are freezed in the development version of the dist now (#1568).

  • The initialization of select was boosted (#1595).

  • The view of input_theme_islands without _has-clear modifier was improved (#1610).

  • Selected text representation of input_theme_islands was fixed (#1608).


Bug fixes

  • The issue in checkbox which leads to impossible toggle by click in most browsers was fixed (#1538).


Bug fixes

  • The issue in select which prevented it to be opened with space button was fixed (#1486).

  • The issue in checkbox on touch devices was fixed (#1472).

Other changes

  • Now there is an ability to prevent native behaviour in link block (#1485).

  • Additional check for existance of a group in templates of menu was added (#1513).

  • BH bundles in dist now mimic to BEMHTML (#1530).

  • Small fixes in documentation were added.


Bug fixes

  • The regression of keyboard support in select was fixed (#1456).

Other changes

  • Now the val field is assigned to zero in progressbar by default (#1468).

  • Description of button_view_plain was added to documentation (#1454).


Notable changes

  • Optional support for Internet Explorer 8 in graceful degradation way was implemented (#1205). For more info please refer notes in README.

  • bem-core dependency was updated to 2.6.0.

Bug fixes

  • An issue with resize in textarea block was fixed (#1330).

  • An issue with select transition which led to scrollbars flash was fixed (#1323).

  • Controls highlight on touch devices was removed (#1390).

  • Appearance of button_view_plain in disabled state was fixed (#1378).

  • An issue with input block behaviour in Chrome was fixed (#1382).

  • An issue with visible content of hidden modal was fixed (#1372).

  • An issue with extra bounding to keydown handler in menu block was fixed (#1381).

  • Event propagation in select block when escape is pressed is now stopped (#1367).

  • link inside disabled menu-item_type_link is now disabled as well (#1353).

Other changes

  • Ability to use modifier _width_available in input, select and textarea without theme was added (#1404).

  • Config to build library distribution was improved (#1411).

  • menu block will throw descriptive error in case of wrong content provided (#1320).

  • Documentation was updated.

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