Notable changes

  • bem-xjst 8.x support was introduced in BEMHTML templates (#1486).

Bug fixes

  • concat() method was fixed in i-bem-dom__collection (#1488).

  • An issue in ua__dom was fix (#1479).

  • dist: i-bem-dom__init_auto was removed from no-autoinit bundle (#1482).

Other changes

  • Now findChildBlock, findChildBlocks, findParentBlock, findParentBlocks, findMixedBlock and findMixedBlocks methods throw an error if block is given as String (#1469).

  • buildClassName function was optimized (#1404).

  • Docs: English translations were added (#1483, #1476, #1475).

  • Migration: Added notes about bemTarget (#1491).

  • Migration: added info about template options (#1467).

  • Fixed issues in docs.


Bug fixes

— Fixed a bug in ua block on touch.blocks level (#1460).


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in identify returning different result on each call for document (#1441).

  • modules.define recursion problem was fixed (#1446).

  • Support for escaping in ua block was fixed (#1435).

  • Workaround for Array.prototype.push bug in Opera 41 was implemented.

  • An issue with pointer events on iOS devices was fixed (#1253).

  • An issue in i-bem-dom__events was fixed. Method once() was broken in some cases (#1452).

Other changes

  • Ability to specify html@lang attribute was added to page block (#751).


Breaking changes

  • Changes in the i-bem block. See MIGRATION.md.

  • Changes in the querystring. See MIGRATION.md.

  • The optional parameter onlyGet was removed from the identify module (#1028).

  • All static methods were removed from the events module (#1024).

  • The result field in Event class of events module was removed (#1023).

  • The css element of the page block does not support auto insertion of conditional comments for IE (#379).


Bug fixes

  • modules.define recursion problem was fixed (#1446).

  • Support for escaping in ua block was fixed (#1435).

  • Workaround for Array.prototype.push bug in Opera 41 was implemented.

Other changes

  • Ability to specify html@lang attribute was added to page block (#751).


Bug fixes

  • An issue in getMods() method of i-bem was fixed (#1379).

Notable changes

  • Templates: support for escaped mode was introduced (#1406).

Other changes

  • Minor documentation updates.


Bug fixes

  • An issue with pointer events on iOS devices was fixed (#1253).


Breaking changes

  • Base templates for BEMHTML and BEMTREE were removed (#1258). bem-xjst 6.3.0+ should be used instead.

  • File extentions of BEMHTML templates were renamed from *.bemhtml to *.bemhtml.js (#984). Please check that new extention is supported in you build config.

  • i-bem__i18n element was removed (#1304). Please use i18n block for internationalization.

  • jquery__events_type_pointerclick is not using FastClick anymore (#1088).

Notable changes

  • jQuery was updated to 2.2.3 and 1.12.3 (#1260).

Bug fixes

  • An issue in page was fixed. <meta name=viewport> had wrong user-scalable value on the touch level (#1294).

  • An issue in jquery__event_type_pointernative which led to JS error in IE8 was fixed (1317).

Other changes

  • dist: Autoinitialisation of blocks is optional now (#1271).


Notable changes

  • jQuery was updated to 2.2.0 and 1.12.0 (#1249).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in BEMHTML 1.x which leads to drop of this.mods in reapply() (#97).

Other changes

  • jquery__event_type_pointerpressrelease now exposes originalEvent (#1254).

  • dist: Support for i18n was added to dist (#1212).

  • page__css.bemhtml template was updated to support new bem-xjst versions (#1228).


Notable changes

  • New i18n block was introduced, providing support for internationalization (#1074).

  • Now jQuery is included via https by default (#1202).

  • Dependency on bemhtml-compat was dropped (#1186). Users of bem-tools need to run npm i bemhtml-compat --save to install it on their projects.

Bug fixes

  • Bug with undefined handler call in loader_type_js was fixed (#1159).

Other changes

  • BH bundles in dist now mimic to BEMHTML (#1210).

  • bem create templates for bemhtml, bemtree, vanilla.js and browser.js were improved (#1183).

  • vow was updated to 0.4.10 (#1056).


Notable changes

  • New detach method was added to i-bem__dom (#1102).

  • i-bem.bemhtml now supports nested mixes as objects (873).

  • Some minor attribute escaping optimizations were added to i-bem.bemhtml (#961), (#980) and (#982).

  • Support for bem-xjst 2.x was added to BEMHTML templates (#1021).

  • clearfix was optimized to work properly in supported IE browsers (#722).

  • jquery was updated to 2.1.4 and 1.11.3 (#999).

Bug fixes

  • An issue in i-bem__dom was fixed. findElem didn't update cache of elements that had been found previously (#583).

  • An issue in i-bem__dom was fixed. dropElemCache worked incorrectly in some edge cases (#1037).

  • An issue in i-bem__dom was fixed. setMod didn't add CSS classes if blocks on the same DOM node had overlapping end parts in their names (#1090).

  • An issue in page was fixed. zoom attribute of the block didn't work for touch levels (#1020).

  • An issue in keyboard__codes was fixed. insert and delete keys had wrong key codes (#1002).

  • An issue in i-bem.bemhtml was fixed. applyNext calls were skipped in nested templates (b1dc50c).

  • An issue in jquery__events_type_pointernative was fixed to work properly in IE 11/Edge (#1066).

Other changes


Notable changes

  • Since now i-bem__dom provides module after DOM is ready (#859).

  • Since now setMod and hasMod methods of i-bem__dom convert their modVal argument to string in case it is not of type string or boolean (#890).

  • An ability to pass nonce attribute was added to page, to support related parts of Content Security Policy specification (#882).

  • New page__conditional-comment template was added (#551).

  • vow was updated to 0.4.8 (#837).

Bug fixes

  • An issue in i-bem.bemhtml was fixed. Block CSS class repeated in case of mix with the same block (#792).

  • An issue in loader_type_bundle was fixed. Success callback might be applied after timeout error (67ff55f).

  • An issue in i-bem__dom was fixed. append, prepend and other similar methods won't properly work with strings in some cases (#852).

  • An issue in jquery__event_type_winresize was fixed. MSIE wasn't detected properly (#862).

  • An issue in object was fixed to proper handle null value as target argument in extend method (#910).

  • An issue in page was fixed. There was no way to disable x-ua-compatible meta tag from BEMJSON (#794).

Other changes

  • Timeout in loader_type_bundle module was increased to 30000 ms (4e27422).

  • Russian documentation for several blocks was fixed.


Bug fixes

  • An issue in jquery__pointerpress and jquery__pointerrelease was fixed. Events work now in Internet Explorer 8 (#792).

  • An issue in jquery__pointernative was fixed. pointerenter and pointerleave events have bubbled up to the document root, while they shouldn't (#801).

  • An issue in loader_type_bundle was fixed. CSS bundle has been always added to the top of the HTML <head>, so CSS rules from the bundle might not work properly (#808).

  • Issues in BH templates for ua were fixed. There was no possibility to pass the content of the block from BEMJSON (#734).

  • An issue in page was fixed. There was a problem with conditional comments for Internet Explorer in the BH template of the block (#781).

Other changes

  • jquery was updated to the 2.1.3 and 1.11.2 (#778).

  • Russian documentation for modules: clearfix, cookie, identify, idle, inherit, keyboard, loader, next-tick, string and tick was added.

  • Russian documentation for i-bem.js was updated.

  • English guides to BEMHTM and BEMJSON were updated.


Notable changes

  • bem-core in now published under the MPL 2.0 license (#443).

  • An ability to specify error handler was added to loader_type_js (#672).

  • BEMContext class was added to oninit export context in i-bem.bemtree (#602).

  • reapply static method was added to BEMContext class of BEMTREE (#706).

  • bh templates for block page were added to touch level (#689).

  • bem-xjst was updated to 0.9.0 (#709).

Bug fixes

  • An issue in i-bem__dom was fixed. findBlocksInside could return blocks which weren't inited (#699).

  • An issue in tick was fixed. Timer was not removed by Tick#stop() (#694).

  • An issue in i-bem.bemhtml was fixed. i-bem CSS class was added to elements by mistake (#633).

  • html-from-bemtree tech was fixed to expose vow, console, setTimeout inside BEMTREE template context (#438ebb8).

Other changes

  • English guide to BEMJSON was added.

  • Russian documentation for querystring module was added.

  • Russian documentation for i-bem.js was fixed to satisfy current API.

  • Documentation for BEMHML/BEMTREE for both languages was updated.


Notable changes

Bug fixes

  • An issue in jquery__event_type_pointerpressrelease was fixed. pointerpress/pointerrelease events fired for any press/release of mouse button (#607).

  • An issue in i-bem__dom.js was fixed. Base live method was not properly called in some edge cases (#608).

Other changes

  • English documentation for JS-syntax of BEMHTML was added.


Notable changes

  • New implementation of pointer events was added. Based on pointer events polyfills from Polymer (#567).

  • Ability to specify additional data for event was added to bindTo* methods of i-bem__dom.js (#568).

Other changes

  • An issue in i-bem.bemhtml was fixed. There was an error when mix was used as an object (not an array) in BEMJSON and BEMHTML simultaneously (#555).

  • An issue in page was fixed. There was no possibility to apply standard modes to page in BEMHTML template and touch template was broken (516).


Bug fixes

  • An issue in i-bem.js was fixed. Modifier change event has been emitted even if beforeSetMod handler had prevented change (#546).

  • String decoding process of querystring__uri module was fixed to return original string if decode failed (#554).


Bug fixes

  • Destruction process of blocks was fixed to prevent unexpected block reinitialization (#540).

  • An issue in jquery__event_type_pointer was fixed. Native mouse events were replaced with pointer events in unexpected cases (#534).

  • unbindFrom* methods of i-bem__dom now support multiple events to be passed in arguments (#533).

  • Lost functions dependency in events module was restored (#532).


Bug fixes

  • An issue with block reinitialization on the DOM node, that has been processed with destructor, was fixed in i-bem__dom (#518).

  • An issue in mod events subscription was fixed in i-bem. false could be used as modVal (#529).

  • jquery was updated to the latest minor releases 2.1.1 and 1.11.1 (#515).


  • An issue in jquery__event_type_pointerpressrelease was fixed. pointerpress event has been triggered twice on each mousedown in IE10 (#505).


Notable changes

  • New keyboard__codes module has been added (#431).

  • BEMContext class was added to oninit export context in i-bem.bemhtml (#485).

  • Ability to declare elements with block class has been added (#481).

  • Behaviour of isSimple method of BEMContext was fixed in i-bem.bemhtml (#432).

  • An issue with liveUnbindFrom method of BEMDOM was fixed in i-bem__dom (#476).

  • An issue with isFocusable method of dom module was fixed for cases where domElem is a link with tabindex attribute, but without href (#501).

  • Short way of module declaration was fixed for i-bem__dom_elem-instances (#479).

  • A workaround for rendering performance of blocks initialisation in Chrome-based browsers was added to i-bem__dom_init_auto (#486).

  • vow.js module has been moved to vow.vanilla.js (#412).

Other changes

  • vow module has been updated to 0.4.3 (#504).

  • Russian documentation about BEMTREE technology was added (#500).

  • Russian documentation for JS-syntax of BEMHTML was updated (#471).

  • API references for JS-modules has been added as a separate branch v2-jsdoc (#478).


Notable changes

  • An issue in i-bem.js when modifiers change event had been emitted before onSetMod handlers have been called was fixed (#454).

  • An issue in i-bem.bemhtml was fixed. Since now this.mods and this.ctx.mods use the same object (#441).

  • Error in modular declaration of element modifiers was fixed in i-bem__dom_elem-instances (#447).

  • inherit module was updated to 2.2.1 (#466).

  • An order of tags in head section of page.bemhtml was fixed (#465).

Other changes

  • baseMix field description of i-bem.js was added to russian docs (#461).

  • CDN host was changed to yastatic.net (#444). Previous CDN host yandex.st is still accessible. Physically they both are the same web servers. DNS records is the only difference.

  • BEMHTML template for bem create command was added (#277).

  • We do not support autobuilding of our tests with Node.js 0.8 in Travis CI any longer (#455).

  • Travis's build status badge was changed to SVG version :)


Breaking changes

  • All deprecated methods have been removed from i-bem.js and i-bem__dom.js (#318). The following methods were removed:

    • destruct, use onSetMod js '';

    • extractParams, use elemParams;

    • trigger, use emit;

    • afterCurrentEvent, use next-tick module;

    • channel, use events__channels module;

    • changeThis, use native Function.prototype.bind.

  • init and destruct events have been removed from i-bem.js in favor of modifiers changes events (see "Notable changes" section below).

  • ecma was moved to separate repo; ES5-shims should be used for IE < 9 (#230).

  • vow module has been updated to 0.4.1 (#350). See Vow's changelog for changes.

  • Support for vow@0.4 has been added to i-bem.bemhtml (#385).

Notable changes

  • Support for defining BEMDOM-blocks as ym modules has been added (#382).

  • Events for modifiers changes have been added to i-bem.js (#357).

  • Support for passing string values has been added to BEMDOM.init (#419). and BEMDOM.update methods (#420).

  • DOM helpers from i-bem__dom.js replace, append, prepend, before, after now return new context and update returns updated context as a jQuery object (#410).

  • New loader_type_bundle has been added (#358).

  • Default jQuery versions were updated to 2.1.0 and to 1.11.0, for IE < 9 (#356).

Other changes

  • i-bem.bemhtml now uses strings concatination instead of pushing to buffer in it's internals (#401).

  • jQuery no longer removes itself from global scope if it exists (#349).

  • jquery__event_type_pointerclick.js has been moved from touch level to common (#393).

  • Modifiers i-bem_elem-instances_yes and i-bem__dom_elem-instances_yes were renamed to boolean style (#352).

  • Runtime error in page template in development mode has been fixed (#417).

  • Usage of Function.prototype.bind has been droped from i-bem.js internals in favor of support for Android 2.3 (#404).

  • Some bugs in browser-js+bemhtml tech have been fixed (#392).

  • Up to ym@0.0.15 (#414).


Notable changes

  • BEM-blocks are emit destruct event on destructing (#370).

  • Improvements of pointerevents polyfills (#354).

Other changes

  • All JSDocs were fixed so bem-jsd could parse them (#335).

  • Russian version of BEMHTML reference was actualized to JavaScript syntax (#355).

  • Use bower for dependency management (#367).


Notable changes

  • jquery__config uses jQuery 2.x by default for modern browsers (#319).

  • Add ability to use any BEMJSON as value of attributes in BEMHTML templates (#290).

  • Fix dependencies in i-bem__collection (#292).

  • Remove page block touch styles (#306).

  • Fix page BEMHTML wrapping in production mode (#309).

  • Fix possible JavaScript error in script injection in IE<9 in="" next-tick (#324).

  • Fix FastClick initialisation in jquery__event_type_pointerclick of touch.blocks (#332).

  • Fix node.js tech bug on Windows systems (#274).

  • Fix i-bem__dom_elem-instances bug with onElemSetMod (#340).

  • Use bemhtml from bem-xjst (#329).

Other changes

  • ym was updated to 0.0.12 (#326).

  • Do not flood console with messages if i-bem__i18n is not in debug mode (#285).

  • Fix jsdoc for dropElemCache() method of i-bem__dom module (#296).

  • Development infrastructure was updated to bem-pr@v0.5.x (#323).

  • Russian documentation for i-bem.js was updated.

  • List of supported browsers was specified in project README.


Breaking changes

  • Starts using modular system ym.

  • Removes all deprecated methods from i-bem and i-bem__dom.

  • i-bem now has no dependency on jQuery. i-bem__dom still depends on jQuery.

  • BEMHTML-template can be written with JS-syntax.

  • Introduces new tech bemtree (based on bem-xjst) for describing dynamic generation of BEM-tree.

  • Introduces new tech vanilla.js for JS-implementations that does not depend on particular JS-engine.

  • Introduces new techs browser.js and node.js for JS-implementations targeted corresponding engines. For backward compatibility we assume that .js-files contains browser.js implementation.

  • Introduces polyfill (jquery__event_type_pointer and jquery__event_type_pointerclick as a jQuery-plugins) for universalize desktop and touch pointer events.

  • Introduces system for unit testing and blocks examples generation.

  • Introduces "simple" modifiers (modifiers without value) support in i-bem and BEMHTML.

Other changes

  • Gets rid of prefixes in all block names (except i-bem).

  • Block i-bem__dom becomes a module (in terms of ym) and all BEM.DOM-block must define additions to i-bem__dom (example).

  • Method for blocks declaration (.decl()) does not accept object with name field as first parameter. Required form with block field: BEM.decl({ block: 'b1', modName: 'm', modVal: 'v' }, ...).

  • Introduces nextTick method as replacement for afterCurrentEvent method for ensure of block existence in callback invocation time. BEM.afterCurrentEvent is deprecated.

  • Introduces new channels module instead of BEM.channel. BEM.channel is deprecated.

  • changeThis is deprecated. Use native bind instead.

  • Removes del method from i-bem block.

  • Removes getWindowSize method from i-bem__dom block. Use BEMDOM.win.width() and BEMDOM.win.height().

  • Introduces jquery module-wrapper for providing jQuery. If jQuery already included into the page module-wrapper provides it. Otherwise it loads jQuery (version 1.10.1) on its own.

  • $.observable becomes events module and not longer depends on jQuery.

  • $.inherit becomes inherit module and not longer depends on jQuery.

  • $.identify becomes identify module and not longer depends on jQuery.

  • $.throttle splits into two modules: functions__throttle and functions__debounce, they both not longer depend on jQuery.

  • $.decodeURI, $.decodeURIComponent moves to querystring__uri module and not longer depends on jQuery.

  • $.cookie becomes cookie module and not longer depends on jQuery.

  • Introduces ua module instead of $.browser (with same interface).

  • Use pointerclick instead of leftclick. It provides by jquery__event_type_pointerclick polyfill.

  • i-system block splits into two modules: idle and tick.

  • Triggers for modifiers changes now splitted into two groups: before setting new value (beforeSetMod and beforeElemSetMod) and after the value has been set (onSetMod and onElemSetMod). Cancellation of modifiers change is possible only from before*-triggers.

  • Using of { onSetMod : { js : function() { ... } } } is deprecated, use onSetMod: { js : { inited : ... } } }.

  • destruct method from i-bem block is deprecated. Use supplementary trigger for _js modifiers: onSetMod: { js : { inited : ... } } } — { onSetMod : { js : { '' : ... } } }.

  • exractParams method from i-bem__dom block is deprecated. Use elemParams method for access to elements params.

  • trigger method from i-bem block is deprecated in flavor of emit method.

  • onFirst method from i-bem block is deprecated in flavor of once method.

  • Deprecated field e.block that provided block-target of BEM-events was removed. Use e.target field instead.

  • Field e.data.domElem that provided DOM-element of block in DOM-events was removed. Use $(e.currentTarget) (provided by jQuery).

  • Introduces parameter for findElem method that allows to search elements of particular block instance (in case of nested blocks with same name).

  • Introduces possibility to point particular function in unbindFrom* methods.

  • Introduces objects module for work with JS-objects. It contains methods: extend, isEmpty, each.

  • Introduces functions module for work with JS-functions. It contains methods: isFunction, noop.

  • Introduces dom module for work with DOM-tree.

  • Introduces querystring module for work with URL-based strings.

  • Introduces loader_type_js module for JS loading.

  • Introduces vow module for Promises/A+.

  • Introduces next-tick module as polyfill for nextTick, setImmediate, setTimeout(0, ... and etc.

  • Introduces strings__escape module for XML, HTML and attributes escaping.

  • inherit module now supports mixins.

  • Introduces invokeAsap parameter for functions__throttle module that allows to delay first invocation.

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