Use this block for creating several layers of the blocks that are located one above the other on a page.


Modifiers of the block

Modifier Acceptable value Use acse Description
level Integer number from 0 to 9 BEMJSON, JS The layer level.

Block description

Use the z-index-group block to place the blocks in layers one above the others. The level modifier controls the block layer position on z-axis.

Modifiers of the block

level modifier

Acceptable values: integer number from 0 to 9.

Use cases: BEMJSON, JS.

When blocks overlap, the level modifier determines which one covers the other.

The block with the larger level value covers the block with the lower one. If two blocks have the same level value, the block that is declared in BEMJSON later will cover the other one.

    block : 'popup',
    mix : { block : 'z-index-group', mods : { level : 1 } },
    mods : { autoclosable : true, theme : 'islands' },
    content : 'I am under the block with { level : 2 } value!'
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