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I've been using the BEM approach for front-end web development a couple of years now (and it's just great!) but only yesterday I started to try out the BEMHTML template language. So far I like it a lot!

There's a couple of things though that I can't yet wrap my head around and can't find anything about in the docs either. So I hope to have some more luck here and hopefully also help others that might be facing the same problems.

Basically I would like to know how to be able to add custom CSS for a webpage that isn't directly block related. For example declarations for webfonts, normalize/reset css code, etc. I would still like to be able to use Stylus as preprocessor and have bem-tools generate and minify this CSS together with my blocks' CSS.

The same question goes for JS. What is the correct way to add JS libraries and custom JS code, preferably maintaining the possibility to have this combined/concatenated with the block level JS?

Thanks! :)