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Hi there.. i'm just beginning with BEM and love the concept but struggling a bit around with nested blocks. I want to build some kind of responsive teaser with a few elements inside.

This is what my html looks like:

<div class="teaser">

  <div class="teaser__background">

  <div class="teaser__featured-product"></div>

  <div class="teaser-content"> <!-- what about this correct naming and its children-elements? -->

    <div class="teaser-titles"> <!--same question here -->
      <p class="teaser-title__overline"></p>
      <h1 class="teaser-title__headline"></h1>
      <h2 class="teaser-title__subline"></h2>

    <div class="teaser-content__text">
      <p>Lorem ipsum..</p>

    <div class="teaser-content__legal">
      <p>1) Some terms...</p>

    <div class="teaser-content__manufacturer-logo"></div>


  <div class="teaser__ribbon"></div>


Inside of teaser I want to keep my content together in one block teaser-content for better positioning. So what would be the correct naming for the teaser-content-wrapper and then the following child-element teaser-titles?

I thought about a bit different version for example:

<div class="teaser-content">

    <!-- <div class="teaser-titles"> --> <!-- maybe we don't need it? -->
      <p class="teaser__title teaser__title--overline"></p>
      <h1 class="teaser__title teaser__title--headline"></h1>
      <h2 class="teaser__title teaser__title--subline"></h2>
    <!-- </div> -->

But questions are still the same. Hope really you can help me because this drives me crazy.

Greetings from the rainy Hamburg (Germany)